We at ESportGaming are fully aware and mindful of the fact that gambling in any form, whether it is in an online casino, or a wagering service like ours, can be addictive and harmful. For this reason we have a set of guidelines to help our customers identify if they or someone they know have a gambling problem and how you can help manage it.

To mitigate damage from gambling addiction we have added the following features to our site:

  • Providing the details for helplines in supported countries (See below)
  • If a user emails our support line requesting assistance with their gambling problem we will disable that users account until further notice and refer them to the appropriate gambler help options in their area.
  • Preset maximums that have a time delay to increase them to prevent losses through tilting.
  • Warnings to users who are losing a large amount of money and suggesting they take a break.

To remain a responsible gambler:

  • Remember that betting/wagering is purely for entertainment and pleasure and you should stop as soon as it stops being fun.
  • Remain fully aware of the risks and the likelihood of losing money.
  • Ensure you’re capable of stopping any time, and can recognise if you’re developing a problem.
  • Absolutely do not bet anything you can’t afford to lose. Upsets do happen even on matches that seems like a sure win.

Here at ESportGaming we want to be known as the community focused site where users can go to wager happily and securely. The health and financial security of our users is more important to us than a simple bottom line. If you feel like you’re developing a problem, we encourage you to message our support staff and seek help from a helpline. Some of these are listed below, if we don’t have one listed, just message our staff and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding one for your region.

Europe Gambling Help

  • For individual Gamblers Anonymous please visit click here











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