ESportGaming has been established to provide a community-focused eSports betting platform.

We know the inspiration for betting on your favourite eSports events can strike anytime. That's why we've focused on the ESportGaming website and apps to make it fast and easy to place bets (so we can all bet and then get back to the important things).

We're dedicated to fast payouts and transparency in the payout process. A parimutuel betting system allows our odds to be set by the community's bets.

A portion of our revenue on every bet will be automatically put towards the sponsorship of an eSports event, and once that pool reaches a pre-designated amount, we'll sponsor an event on behalf of our community. Our users can also vote on which kind of event this will be every time they place a bet.

So whether your passion is CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota2, Super Smash Brothers or Starcraft2, we have you covered.

Our Service

All of our staff have been part of this community for many years as spectators, ex professional players, team managers and coaches etc. and we all have a passion for it. We have listened to community feedback and we are dedicated to providing the service we have seen people asking for. Our staff aims to provide the community with an excellent and positive customer experience.

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